Thursday, 24 July 2014

Jane Goodwin - Did Snelgrove Kill Her?

This 1982 case is an unsolved murder that crime author M. William Phelps believes was carried out by convicted double murderer Edwin Snelgrove.  The circumstances are very similar to the murder of Karen Osmun in 1983.  Jane, 30, was attacked in Newark, New Jersey, in which she was strangled and repeatedly stabbed.  The connection here is that like Karen, Jane had her blouse torn open and she was repeatedly stabbed in the breasts.  There no wounds in the genital areas so this would make for a very unusual sex crime.  Why repeatedly stab the breasts?  Suggestions sourced during a little research say that he could have been impotent and attacked one of the two areas of womanhood, sexually.  I would suggest that if he was impotent, he would have gone for the genital area, as it would be the area he could not perform with.  Maybe the simple answer was that he was a tit man?  Did Jane, Mary Ellen Renard & Carmen Rodriguez give him the brush off, and with his overwhelming sense of superiority, this caused him to explode?  How dare they give him the brush off?  He then punished them by disfiguring the elements that other men would look at.  Namely, their breasts.  Mary Ellen survived her attack.

    He attacked his girlfriend Karen Osmun in the same way.  Did Karen decide to leave him and this resulted in her murder?  Snelgrove was obsessed with Bundy and aimed to be just like him or even better than him.  He killed twice, attempted to murder another, and just may be the killer of Jane Goodwin.  Drawing up a profile, Snelgrove most certainly fits the part, but at least he will never be coming out of prison but if he ever does, regardless of age, he will kill again.  You never know, some dickheads on a parole board just may give him the opportunity.