Saturday, 19 January 2013

The Reality of Law & Order

What I refer to as the reality of Law & Order in Britain today, is the instances of Police indifference to victims and turning a blind eye to the real criminals.  One such incident I came across around five years ago whilst doing my deliveries in Bradford.  Two Police Officers were walking with an ageing man towards some bungalows, and then talking to him and then walking away.  Suddenly, his neighbours appeared, asking him where he had gone to.  He revealed that he had been arrested and spent the night in the cells.  The Police had just brought him home.  What was his heinous crime?  Simple.  He was a victim.  The cowards in uniform had arrested a victim of crime and locked him up for the night.  His neighbours could not believe what had happened to him.  But it was to get much worse.  The perpetrator of the crime, the Police had blatantly turned a blind eye to.  What had happened for the alleged guardians of the Law to arrest the victim? 

     A woman had severely damaged his car, breaking door mirrors off, breaking a window or two and using a sharp blade to cut deep into the bodywork of the car.  I had a look at his car, and it would have been a total respray, and it would have been a huge bill.  But as he had objected very vocally to this vandalism, our heroes in uniform decided to arrest him for threatening behaviour.  They could not have him shouting at the poor bastard smashing his car up.  The woman involved, they simply did not bother and let her go!!  She was related to two families of troublemakers(I have delivered to both families many times) so our heroes told the victim that if he did not want any trouble from these two families, then he should pack his bags and leave town!!  They obviously did not want to know.  This amounted to them saying, "Don`t bother us if they turn up.  We told you what to do.  If they beat you up or even kill you, then it is your own fault because you have not left town.  We do not want to know."  This was what they talking to him about when I walked up.  It was a sickening sight to see an OAP break down in tears, because of the sheer cowardice of the Police and they then telling him that he is on his own if these families caused any trouble. 

   Some time later, I did see the old man and asked if he had had any more problems.  He said that he had not, but he had taken his car off the road as he could not afforded the huge hike he would have suffered on his insurance.  This type of incident unfortunately is never discussed at political party conferences as it would get in the way of the lovefests, and create uncomfortable atmospheres that politicians avoid at all costs.