Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Drugs Legalisation

Recently, some local MPs called for the legalisation of drugs, proclaiming that prohibition does not work.  i can imagine this exchange NOT taking place in schools with these fucknuts in attendance.  

   "Now children, when you reach the age of 18, you can legally go to a government approved pusher and purchase any drug you desire."

    "Mr MP, how do I get the money for my drugs?"

    "Simple enough children, you steal it from your parents, or you commit burglaries, car thefts, muggings.  As long as you can get money for the approved pusher, and therefore for the Exchequer, why should we care."

    But Mr MP, are you just changing the face of the pusher?"

   "Yes, we are.  However, we are firmly in control.  The underworld are losing out."

    "Why are you doing this?  Has it not sparked a surge in crime?  Are you saying that drug addiction is okay?  What about the damage caused to families and the destruction of communities that we have seen?   Does none of this matter?  Are you only interested in getting money?"

    "Young man, look at what happened in the United States with prohibition.  This was a huge failure that spawned the Mafia."

    "Mr MP, why don`t you take off the rose tinted glasses.  Have you not taken into account the astronomical amounts of money paid out in bribes to Police, politicians, judges, local judicial people, etc.  If they had not been so corrupt, and they carried the duties of the law,then just how successful would they have been?"

    "Young man, you are too young to understand."

     Absolutely.  Absolutely!!!!