Saturday, 26 January 2013

Supergrasses PT3

Nowadays, the Supergrass is so different from previous decades.  They are now known as "Assisting Offenders" and it is not giving up everybody you know.  It is usually a solitary case and the AO gives evidence on that particular crime.  A very noticeable case was the conviction of two men for what became known as "The Range Rover Murders."  Mick Steele and Jack Whomes were convicted for a triple murder, solely on the say-so of supergrass Darren Nicholls.    
There is still a lot of controversy over this case, in which it was NOT revealed in court that Nicholls has struck deals over a book, film and documentary about the case.  The subsequent book, written by Tony Thompson, and Thompson has been said to have admitted embroidering details, shows that Nicholls was a big time villain and everybody else was not in his league.  The usual bigging themselves up that some villains like to portray.

    Over the last six years, there have been 176 supergrass deals, in which the felons have received huge reductions in sentences, even for very serious crimes.  One man served less than five years in prison for a brutal murder, whilst sending his co-conspirators to prison for extremely long sentences.  Four are serving over thirty years.  Yet his evidence is being questioned as he could not give a straight answer during interrogations, whilst minimising his role.  This is a usual occurrence.

    Another "Assisting Offender" helped stop a number of lucrative robberies at Heathrow Airport.  This man was involved in stealing baggage but sought a deal when arrested for theft.  He knew who was planning a major robbery at the cargo company's  warehouse.  The Police found out that a £30 million cargo of cash and gold bullion was to be delivered to the warehouse.  The robbers were caught in the act by the Flying Squad, and received lengthy sentences.