Saturday, 12 January 2013

Rubbish Spoken As Excuses

I find it highly amusing the excuses and just plain rubbish spoken by many convicted felons for their crimes.  That all criminals are fitted up by the Police, because they are not smart enough to catch them legitimately, is not the sole preserve of the English villain.  They are at it big time in the States.  Watching some of the interviews given by felons in prison is proof of the true face of many villains.  Yes, people are wrongly convicted, that does happen, but when these people convicted with over whelming evidence, always complain that crooked cops, prosecutors, and the State working with the real culprits, allowing them to go away scot-free whilst using them to put them, the innocent, away for life.

    Wherever you are, you will always have crooked cops, lawyers, etc, that is a reality of life, but there are many, many, great and dedicated cops who will not give up until the guilty are incarcerated.   The many cold case squads in the States, prove this.  One convicted serial killer and serial rapist, tried to come up with a highly elaborate scenarios for his presence at crime scenes, and being with the victims prior to their rape and/or murder.  The prosecutor said it was straight of the film "The Usual Suspects" in which Kevin Spacey gives very dramatic scenarios as to why he was innocent.  Fortunately, the jury did not listen to this, and his total sentences ran to over five hundred years!  His victims were all teenage girls, some as young as thirteen.  At least the Harlem area of New York was free of a serial killer and rapist of teenage girls.

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