Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Bronsons` "Top Legend"

Today boys and girls, let us have another look at the man that Bronson, or Michael Peterson, to give his proper name, called a "Top legend."  You will also see just what lengths the Ellesmere Port Police will go to , to protect their top man.  This happened in 1985, a year after the "Top Legend" sneakily glassed a hard man and how he received a ridiculously short sentence, despite his appalling history of violence committed with weapons.  To this end, you must really applaud the Ellesmere Port Police, as they have no hesitation lying and covering up for him.

    How it started was that the "Legend" had apparently been wound up by a man who had delusions that he was the "Godfather" of the area we lived in.  In reality, he was shit scared of one of my elder brothers`. This "Legend" then tried to kick the door in but it was too well locked.  My father called the cowards in uniform who responded with "Why is he trying to kick your door in?"  My fathers` response was, "I have an axe.  If he comes in, I am putting it through his head!"  Did that stir these yellowbacks into action!  Before long, there were many Police outside the house, but unbelievably, they refused to arrest him.  According to the yellowbacks, he had NOT committed any crime.  Members of my family turned up but when one brother in particular, plus, my brother-in-law, turned up, that was when the cowards in uniform, sprang into action.  Both of them were repeatedly threatened with arrest and charge with everything under the sun, whilst they turned a blind eye to the "Top Legend."  This happened not once, but twice.  Both times they were threatened and had numerous uniforms around them, whilst they provided protection for the "Top Legend."  My mother ended up screaming at the Police to "Piss off and one of the lads will sort him out."  Did this spur a gutless yellowback or what?  Indeed it did.  One went over and threatened my mother whilst they made sure nobody could get to the "Top Legend."

    The next day, a council official came to the house to inspect the damage done, had workmen come out and do repairs, and was told the full story by my parents.  He went straight down to the Police station.  When he came back, with the Police "Version" of events, they realised that this was a blatant cover-up, with many Police officers ready to lie through their teeth if an official complaint was made.   Why would the Police go to these lengths?

    Two years later, in 1987, I was talking to Mick, elder brother of my brother-in-law.  He was surprised that I did not know.  "Don`t you know?  He`s a Police nark!  He has been for a long time.  He`s well known for it.  In fact, he`s notorious for it."
"Hold on, Mick" I said, "If he`s well known for it, then why hasn`t anybody done him?"
"Simple" he said, "Fear!"
"Fear of what?" I asked.  
"Fear of the Police" he said.  "After that do with ******  ****, if anybody touches him, then ****** will be fitted up for it.  He has been warned.  No reprisals or else.  If anybody touches ******** (The Legend) then he will go down for it."

    However, the "Legend" has had numerous hammerings over the years, off the real hard boys, but the Police are more concerned about very serious violence to their top man.  As I have related, Mick had a confrontation or two with this "Top Legend" in which he begged Mick not to beat him up, how Mick dropped him twice with just two punches, how Micks` elder brother has hammered this "Legend" many times over the years, and once, he growled at him in a chip shop and this "Legend" ran out in fear!  Mick also threatened to put the "Legend" into the ground if he ever tried to attack my father again.  One night, the "Godfather" had wound him up again, and so the "legend" was shouting threats, but my dad was out walking the dog.  The "Legend" saw him and thought "Here`s my chance now" but then he saw my brother who is a tough nut.  Oh dear, no weapons, no Police buddies.  What was Petersons` "Top Legend" going to do now?  

He did nothing.  He kept his mouth shut.  In short, HIS BOTTLE HAD GONE!!!!!  Not long afterwards, my brother-in-law, stopped his truck, got out and confronted the "Legend."  Oh dear, no weapons, no Police buddies, what was this hero going to do?  His response was to COWER in fear!  My father once stated that if anybody wiped this bastard off the face of the Earth, the Ellesmere Port Police would tear the town apart.  It is remarkable what you can discover about somebody when you strip away the bullshit and bollocks.