Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Biker Wars

A new warning has been issued by European Law Agency, Europol, about a possible wave of violence by biker gangs from the USA, Canada & Australia.  The news in the paper was nothing new, if you keep up with what is going on.  The Hells Angels have warred with just about everybody.  In the States, they had conflicts with the Outlaws, Bandidos, Mongols, Pagans, etc. The Outlaws have warred with the Warlocks.  In Canada, Angels had bloody fights with the Rock Machine, Outlaws & Bandidos.

    Over on the continent, Angels fought with the Bandidos, using rockets and machine guns, this being in France.  However, it was in Scandinavia that a huge war that rivalled the Canadian one, occurred.  This was between the Angels and the Bandidos, resulting in deaths, maimings,    explosions.  Finally, a truce was called and a meeting was held by Angels European President Blondie Neilsen & Bandidos European president Jim Tinndahl.

    In Australia, the biggest club is the home grown club The Rebels.  The Angels, Outlaws, Bandidos, Gypsy Jokers, have a number of chapters there.  The other club mentioned in the news is The Commancheros.  The report said that all members must ride Harley Davidsons.  Well, slap my forehead in surprise.  Here I am thinking that all back patch clubs ride Harleys, even those who say they are not involved in crime.  I used to deliver to a guy who was in a back patch club, and all his club had Harleys, and he said that they spent a lot of their time on runs.  He thought the TV show "Sons of Anarchy" a bit over the top.   "Life is a bit boring for us" he commented in comparison to the show.
    Way back in the 60`s & 70`s a lot of British Bikers in Outlaw clubs rode many home grown machines, Triumphs, BSA`s, Nortons.  Do any of you out there remember the big posters you could get of dirty, hairy guys on Bonnevilles, Commandos, Lightnings etc?  Some wearing German helmets.  I still have a poster of a skeleton on a customised BSA Rocket 3.  I have had it for about 36 years.  Aah nostalgia.