Saturday, 19 January 2013

Prostitution - The Oldest Profession

Sex, sex, sex!  Now that I have your attention, what can you say about the "oldest profession.?"  It still brings heated debates on the pros and cons, but here is what I think.  I believe that brothels should be legalised, with the women receiving regular health checks, and registered with local authorities and Police.  The people that have emerged as the force behind prostitution, in this country, are the Albanians.  No longer is pimping seen as the preserve of West Indians, as it varies in some towns and cities.  Around here, the pimps are mainly Asian.  The Albanians stronghold is London.

    But what do the hookers offer that can make it look acceptable from a legal point of view?  First off, if a man can relieve his sexual frustrations with a hooker, at least it makes it safer for other women.  They will not become rape victims.  Another service they provide is to give blowjobs.  It is astounding the amount of women who regard oral sex as disgusting, and not a natural part of lovemaking.  If a man wants to enjoy oral sex, then he has no choice but to find a woman willing to give him it or pay a hooker.  We all know about Hughie getting a blowjob in his car from Divine Brown.  Why did he resort to it?  Being a genius is not required here.

    However, many girls must think that there just might be the chance of a "Pretty Woman" situation, in which a wealthy client comes along and takes them off the streets and gives them a great life.  One LA vice cop blamed the film for a great surge in the amount of women that suddenly turned up on the streets turning tricks.  The big downside is that hookers are the favourite target of serial killers, because of the long term attitude of Police towards them, that they are professional victims and therefore not worthy of thorough investigations.  Over here, we have had Sutcliffe, Wright(Suffolk Strangler) Griffiths(The Cannibal) and one in the mid-sixties known as "Jack the Stripper."  In the States, there was Robert Hansen, kidnapper of hookers and then hunting them through a desolate park area, shooting them dead.  His murder tally is a known fifteen.  Arthur Shawcross, killing hookers around the Rochester area of New York state, killing eleven.  Of course you cannot forget Gary Ridgeway with a tally so far of 48 but believed to be around 70.  The Hillside Stranglers, Buono and Bianchi killed a number of them.  The most famous prostitute slayer was our very own Jack.  Arguments rage today still, as to how many victims he did have.  The numbers vary from the known five to at least eight.