Wednesday, 9 January 2013


Today, let us have a wander back a few years to what happened in Manchester and the activities of one "hero", namely Ken Keating.  This self-proclaimed "vigilante" used the episode of a son of a leading politician being arrested for conspiring to supply drugs.  This was the son of Jack Straw.  Naturally, he walked with a caution, but Keating cynically used this a basis for nothing else than out and out intimidation.  Patrolling the streets in a van with all this about Straw on the side and he was the self-styled protector of the community from "grasses."
    So everything he was doing, he would always hark back to Straw as an excuse.  When you strip away all the bullshit and bollocks, what was Keating doing?  Simple.  he was being the eyes and ears for all the lowlife scumbags, pushers, gangsters, killers, et al.  Obviously, Keating thought the world of them than any honest hard working people who do anything they can for their families and communities.  In short, he is an apologist for criminals.  What would this "hero" have done after going to somebody`s door and trying to intimidate them, only to sent away with a warning?  After all, there are people everywhere that you can simply not push about.  No doubt this "hero" would have returned team-handed or all of a sudden, these honest people would have received threatening phone calls, letters, windows put through or cars vandalised, or assaulted by gangs of yobs.   And if all this failed, his last resort would have been to inform all the area scumbags about them.  Hold on! What do we call this?  Oh yes, that is correct, we call it GRASSING!!!!!!

    I have no doubt that this slug had protection from the area scum, as somebody operating like that would have had some retaliation.  You cannot go about like that without the backing of some dangerous elements to go out and maim and even kill, simply for standing up to a bullying apologist for criminals.