Thursday, 17 January 2013

American Shootings

Recently, we have had two mass shootings incidents in the United States, and already we have the conspiracy theories circulating that both were orchestrated by the US government, in order to push through a gun control bill.  When we strip away all the conspiracy rubbish and focus on what is actually known about the offenders and the way they carried out their atrocities, a much clearer picture emerges.

    The mass shooting at the cinema, where they were showing the new Batman movie, and that the offender was dressed up like the Joker, brought out the old hysteria about violence on TV and films.  Yet it seems that the perpetrator carried it out solely for the infamy!  This is just what the sick obsession with celebrity can turn people to.  "I will commit mass slaughter for the fame. I  want my name to live on forever because my life is so pathetic and empty, and I am incapable of doing anything constructive."

    We await a full investigation into the new school shooting, as we need to sift through all the reports on the perpetrator and his personal life.   But one  horrific school massacre, and that was at Columbine, it has emerged through an exhaustive investigation by author Dave Cullen, that the perceived events were not all as thought.  The two shooters were Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold.  The mastermind of this massacre was Harris, and had been in the planning stages for about two years.  What was not made clear in documentaries, is that Klebold was NOT the proposed partner of Harris.  He came later.  A friend of theirs, Brooks Brown, had a number of disputes with Harris, enough to bring the involvement of local Police.  This deeply upset Harris.  Harris had set up his own website and put on his feelings about everything and everybody.  This included threats to kill Brown.  In a documentary, it stated that Brown found out about these threats, yet did not reveal how Brown found out.  Dave Cullen revealed that Brown had been told by a friend.  That person was Dylan Klebold.

    It was claimed that they were never with girls, and never had any girlfriends.  Harris did have a relationship with a woman about five years his senior.  It was claimed that they suffered bullying and abuse from the "Jocks" on a daily basis.  Cullen showed this to be untrue, and he also discovered that they did have a circle of friends, contrary to the official view, and also the myth of the "Trenchcoat Mafia."  This wearing of trenchcoats, and the coats were actually duster coats, was a fad between Harris and a few of his friends.  Friends he was not supposed to have had.

    What cannot be ignored was the atrocities that Harris and Klebold committed, and as in other spree shootings, the killer(s) always blow their own brains out, as their mission is now finished and they have nothing left to do but take themselves out.  What I find strange is why facts are never made clear.  Must everything be the preconceived notion of what the killer really was.  Can some facts be a little too uncomfortable for the authorities?