Monday, 10 August 2015

Todd Garton - Murderous Fantasist

We all meet in our lives somebody that is an out and out liar or putting it eloquently, a bullshitter.  This person puts themselves at the centre of whatever goes on in their locale, embellishes stories and gives the impression that nothing goes on without their knowledge.  You can usually expect them to come up with "witnesses" who are prepared to agree with anything the bullshitter speaks of.  Todd Garton was such a man.  Yet, what makes this bullshit merchant and con man stand out, was that he succeeded in making a couple of other people believe that they were part of a special "squad" known as "The Company", hinting that it was part of the CIA, and that he easily convinced them to commit murder.

    Garton came from a family in Northern California, and from a very young age, he talked himself up at every opportunity, making grandiose claims of adventures, accomplishments and everything else.  Comparisons would be Walter Mitty (USA) Billy Liar (UK) & Dave Courtney(UK).  He managed to convince friends that he had been a mercenary working for the IRA as a sniper!  HE was no older than fifteen!!  Then at sixteen he had committed two murders.  One past-time Garton actually did do well at, and that was music - he played bass in a band that played around Northern California and Oregon.  But as he got older, he harboured fantasies about being an assassin with "The Company."  He would walk about with a friend, Norman Daniels, and shoot cats, to show that he was a real gunman.  The boss of "The Company" was Colonel Sean, from Langley.  Who resided at Langley but the CIA!

    Garton now brought in another gullible dupe, Dale Gordon, and told them that whatever killings they carried out, they were justified.  He married at twenty one, to a girl, Carole Holman, but at the same time was having a relationship with a girl who had been following his band.  After seven years of marriage to Carole, he wanted to get back together with this girl.  There was another problem; Carole was eight months pregnant.  He convinced Daniels & Gordon that his wife was actually an evil woman working for the IRA and she needed to be killed to prevent her killing others.  He promised payment for them carrying out the hit.  Garton had actually taken out a substantial insurance policy on his wife.  Dale Gordon shot  Carole to death on May 16th 1998.  But he was consumed by guilt and remorse, and confessed all to Police.  Gordon, Garton, Daniels and the girl, Lynn Noyes, were arrested, charged and convicted of murder.  As the mastermind and manipulator of the crime, Garton received the death penalty.  

    Incredible as it would seem, you can receive vitriolic abuse from supporters of these conmen, as they obviously cannot stand the thought of their heroes being liars.  That they are taking them for stupid mugs.  That they should realise that whatever comes from the mouths of these people, it is the truth, no matter how absurd and improbable.  A lie is the truth!