Saturday, 22 August 2015

Jack Unterweger - European Serial Killer

Jack Unterweger is an example of a dangerous individual pulling the wool over the eyes of people who only want to believe in the best of people, regardless of what they have committed.  Too many liberals, bleeding hearts, and quite simply, mugs, who want to believe the garbage spewing from the mouths of killers.  Unterweger became a kind of media star, but all the gullible eventually had to eat humble pie, when it emerged what their "golden boy" had actually committed.  Jack Unterweger was born in Vienna, after WW2, where his father was an unknown US soldier, and his mother was a barmaid.  Like many children, Unterweger was raised by a grandmother, but as he grew up, he was involved in crime. Burglary, robbery, theft, fraud, etc.  It was in the beginning of the 1970`s, when he was 24, that he murdered for the first time.  Unterweger was a charmer and a confident talker, and was easily able to draw people in.  His sentence for the murder was life, but later reduced to 15 years, where he put his time into writing and wrote a book about his life and time in prison.

    The book, "Purgatory, or The life in Prison" became a bestseller, had a film made about it, garnered rave reviews from left wing supporters, and their ilk.  Psychiatrists believed he was a changed and rehabilitated man.  What they did not know or probably even consider, that his book was like many criminal autobiographies, self serving, full of lies, exaggerations, etc.  Rehabilitated this man was not.  All this manipulation helped him win a sympathetic parole board and a release in 1990.  He used his freedom to carry on his campaign of "rehabilitation" by appearing on European tv chat shows.  He had no difficulty in having women throwing themselves at him and people hanging on to his every word.  All bullshit.  Now, women were being found in woods around Vienna.  They had been brutally sexually assaulted, bound, then strangled.  Unterweger then visited Los Angeles, under the guise of studying American prostitutes.  Three turned up dead.  In the same fashion of the Austrian victims.  Eventually, Unterweger was arrested for murder in Austria, and found himself back in jail.  His supporters were dumbstruck.  How could they all have been taken in by this sexual sadist?  Simple!  They believed because they wanted to.  He was convicted of eleven murders, but in jail, he decided to get out.  He hanged himself.  I wonder how many of these morons there are in this country who believe in the innocence of mass killers?