Wednesday, 26 August 2015

RIP Ann Rule

A few weeks ago saw the passing of one of the most respected true crime writers of them all; Ann Rule.  She died at the age of 83.  Ann was most remembered for the fact that she worked alongside one Ted Bundy.  They worked in a rape crisis centre - though a very strange choice for what he was up to - and remembered Theodore as being a caring listener, and was able to get victims to talk at length about their ordeals.  Probably got a buzz from it!  After it emerged about his murder spree, Ann could not believe that the highly intelligent and charming young man could have been such a cold blooded killer.  She wrote a book about him entitled "The Stranger Beside Me" that firmly established her as an author.

    In her life, she authored more than seventeen books, and had well over one thousand articles published covering serial murders, women killers and sexual homicide.  Ann was a former Police Officer, so had grounding in investigative techniques.  Ann had lectured to numerous Police departments on all aspects of homicide, and was involved in helping set up VICAP, Violent Criminal Apprehension Program used by the FBI.  Another tremendous book by Ann was about Gary Ridgway, "Green River, Running Red."  She gave a voice to the dozens of victims of Ridgway, making them more than merely bodies found by Police.  She lived in Seattle, Washington State, a former hunting ground of Teddy.  She will be sadly missed.