Sunday, 30 August 2015

Child Rapist Receives Heavy Sentence

Looking at recent local cases, this is one that stands out, in regards to the fact that a Judge gave a predator a substantial sentence.  Arshad Mahmood, 47, from Shipley, just outside Bradford, received twenty years for rape, perverting justice, unlawful sexual activity with a child, taking indecent photos of a child, sexual activity with a girl with a mental disorder, and sexual activity with another girl.   This whole disturbing episode only came to light after the girl told staff at her school about what had happened.  They immediately called Police, where the girl told them more when interviewed.  The young girl had severe learning difficulties, so was extremely vulnerable, and not able to fully comprehend what she told them and what she had endured.  Mahmood was arrested in March 2013, but a trial in February fell apart when it was revealed that Mahmood had persuaded a victim to change her story.  This resulted in the charge of perverting the course of justice.

    Police seized his computer, and not surprisingly, found that Mahmood had been a prolific viewer of pornographic images.  He had viewed nearly two and a thousand images, and had looked at just over an incredible twenty one thousand pornographic sites.  In court, he claimed that the girl was a liar.  Later he accepted his guilt and said he would comply by everything the court appointed.  The Judge, showing good sense, gave him a total of twenty years for his crimes.  He imposed conditions on Mahmood that he was to go on the Sex Offenders Register for life, and an indefinite Sexual Harm Prevention Order, to protect children in the future.  How about chemical castration as well?