Monday, 3 August 2015

David Gore - Serial Killer

David Alan Gore received a lethal injection on April 12th 2012, after being convicted for the murder of 17 year old Lynn Elliot in July 1983.  Gore did have an accomplice in crime, his cousin Fred Waterfield.  He escaped execution but received multiple life sentences.  Their downfall came when Lynn and a 14 year old friend were hitchhiking to Wabasso Beach, which lies north of Vero Beach, when they accepted a lift from Gore.  The girls were then driven to a house owned by Gore`s parents.  They raped both girls.  Lynn managed to escape, running naked through some trees but was spotted by Gore, who stopped her and dragged her back to the house, and then brutally shot her twice in the head.  Waterfield apparently left before the shots were fired.  But a young boy had witnessed what had happened and had summoned Police.  Gore was captured and the other girl was released.  Waterfield was later arrested.

    During questioning, Gore admitted other rapes and murders.  His other victims were three young girls and two women.  Gore led Police to the bodies of four of them.  The victims were 35 year old Judy Daley;  Gore had disabled her car, then waited for her to look for help.  She had been bathing alone on a beach.  He offered her a lift, then raped and murdered her, then dismembered her body, leaving some remains in one place and the rest, tossed into a canal.  This occurred in July 1981.  He led Police to where he left her remains.  Then a mother & daughter disappeared in 1983.  Hsiong Huang Ling, 48, and 17 year old Ying Hua Ling.  They were raped, murdered and put in steel drums.  Gore then buried the drums at the Orange Grove that he worked at.  Then another two young girls vanished; Barbara Byer & Angelica Lavallee, both aged 14, in May 1983.  They were raped, murdered and then dismembered.

    Yet, Gore had been caught in the act a couple of years before.  A woman going to her noticed a man trying to hide in the rear, but luckily a Police Officer was nearby.  He brought the intruder out at gunpoint.  It was David Gore, and he had a gun on him.  Gore was sentenced to 5 years but was released after 18 months!!  Just after he was released, he started his campaign of rape & murder.  This time he went to Death Row and paid the price in 2012.  Unbelievably, there was a claim by a "psychic" that he helped break the case.  How could he have, when it was the young lad who witnessed Lynn`s attempted escape and called the cops?  People will do anything for publicity and I do not have any time for these people.  They prey on the vulnerable and bereaved, and like to think of themselves as crime fighters!  Right!!!