Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Thoughts From The Dark Side PT4 - "The Two Susans Murders"

The Two Susans` murders were committed on the exact same date a couple of years apart, in the same district in St Paul, Minnesota.  Was it a coincidence worthy of an episode of "Criminal Minds?"  Not so, according to a man I have named "The Chameleon", A multiple killer incarcerated for life in the USA.  All communications are carried out through a third party.  This is his opinion on the two unsolved murders of Sue Peterson & Sue Rheineck.

    "The two Susans  murders?  Interesting.  I really hate how the Police jump at serial killer connections, instead of treating each case as an isolated event.  There are no coincidences for murder.  It all happens for a reason.  Connection?  DATE!  What we have is a copycat murder.  Probably a kid that read all about the first one and decided to copy.  Throw a twist into it by duplicating it his way.  The victims tell me that it is a kid - maybe 18 to 22 years old.  He knows the victim.  Has had a crush on her for a long time.  Went to school with her and has watched/stalked her.

    The fact that the first victim was named Susan only made/helped him to make up his mind what to do.  Rape & murder?  Tied to a tree?  He had time to talk to her, to enjoy himself with her.  An alley is so cold.  (The first murder) A quick death and run away.  Probably raped in the guy's car and dumped in the alley.  These are two different murders with only a few common things to tie the cases together, to look like they could have been done by the same person.  Same time of the year?  It is conceivable that they would be wearing the same type of clothes."

    So he has the opinion that  the second murder was committed by somebody who decided he wanted to kill, and carried it out on the same date, two years later, and letting cops come up with a theory worthy of a tv episode or film, to have search for one killer, not two!  Quite possible.