Friday, 28 August 2015

The Murder of Yvonne Falkner

This murder case goes back to 1963, which displayed elements of sadism.  The victim was killed by a boyfriend of her employee, for which he claimed having no memory of committing.  The employee, Mary Halliday, worked as a live-in maid for Yvonne Falkner and her family in Stanmore, London.  There was one golden rule for any people working as domestic staff; there were to be no members of the opposite sex in staff bedrooms, at any time.  Mary had a boyfriend, Gunner Derek Anthony Aarons, a soldier, born September 29th 1938.  One night, Mary decided she wanted her man that night, and managed to quietly get him into her bedroom and he stayed the night.  The following night, it was September 3rd, she decided on a repeat performance.  Both were the worse for drink, but she smuggled him into her bed once again.  When she awoke in the morning, Aarons was not there.  He had vanished.  She got up and started to get herself ready for the day's duties.  Her world was about to crumble.

    Mary found Yvonne Falkner in the bathroom, dead.  She was nude, had been strangled with her own bra and a stocking, but most shockingly, she had very severe bite wounds to her face and throat.  Her jewellry had been taken, along with the contents of her handbag.  It did not take Police long to arrest Derek Aarons.  In his defence, he claimed he could not remember very much from that night, apart from being in Mary's bedroom and then being in Mrs Falkner`s bedroom, with her jewellry in his hands.  Medical testimony given suggested that Aarons had a mental abnormality and was also a psychopath.  He was convicted of Manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility.  Normally, this would result in a transfer to a secure mental facility but the Judge decided that his illness was not sufficient enough to receive a sentence in Broadmoor.  He instead, jailed him for life.  Aarons died in Wakefield Prison, known as "Monster Mansion" in 1973.

    Biting is a clear sign that the offender has a degree of sadism within themselves.  Did Aarons have an alcoholic blackout?  He managed to empty her purse and go through her jewellry.  Why did he savagely bite her?  Was it extreme sexual sadism he enjoyed?  Was it to exert power over the victim?  After all, what woman would be turned on by having lumps bitten out of her face and neck?  (Darn it, there I go again with my "Trouble stirring guesswork!)  Aarons got what he deserved and can no longer tear shreds out of some unfortunate woman`s face.