Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Pernell Jefferson - Obsessive Stalker

One of the pitfalls of being rejected in love, is that the rejected can turn into an obsessive stalker, whose loss of reality can turn extremely murderous.  Pernell Jefferson was a man who turned into a very dangerous stalker, not because he was rejected from the outset. It was the women in his life could no longer take the extreme controlling nature, jealousy and possessiveness, he openly displayed.  The reason for this young, strong and star sportsmen going off the rails was because he abused anabolic steroids.  Despite his excellent physique, he was not satisfied and used steroids to bulk himself up.  But the downside was that he became violent, and so his girlfriend left him, taking their young son with her.  He had a couple of girlfriends but they too, left him.  For the same reason as others: his violent, controlling and abusive behaviour.  But he unable to cope with more rejections,he subjected one of them to a terrifying stalking campaign, resulting in him abducting and raping her.

    Jefferson did not face any charges over these crimes, and was asked to try out for a pro- football team.  However, he had to stop taking steroids as it was fiercely frowned upon the team.  No longer having the drug in his system changed his character and temperament.  He became depressive which resulted in him not making the pro-ball league.  He soon hitched up with another woman, but after a time, she left for exactly the same reasons every woman left him; violence, control and abuse.  He went into a rage when he heard she had met another man.  He issued what becomes a standard threat when it comes to obsessive former partners who cannot let go; "If I cannot have you, then nobody will!"  He took to stalking her, and locating her wherever she moved away to.  It was in 1989, that Jefferson abducted and murdered her, then buried her.  He employed the help of a friend in the burial, which became a bad mistake. The friend was guilt ridden over what he had helped Jefferson do, that he told all to the Police.  The body was eventually located and identified through teeth examination.  

    Jefferson received a life sentence for his crime, and once in jail, he was unable to clear his system of all traces of steroids and settled down and became a very well behaved inmate.  He later started classes in the jail on controlling aggression and anger, amongst the other inmates.  His violence was a perfect example of "Roid Rage" a warning of what a person can turn into, pumping himself full of these drugs.  And the only reason is vanity!