Thursday, 30 October 2014

A Killer With An Obsession For Knives

Another man fell victim to knife crime last year, but it was at the hands of a man who obviously could not walk about without a knife, and was fully prepared to use it, come what may.  Sean Humphrey was the victim.  He was stabbed 12 times by his supposedly "good friend" Steven Ross, in a flat in Glasgow on October 28th 2013.  Mr Humphrey, 26,  bled to death, whilst Ross, 27, who was actually out on licence from a nine year sentence for ATTEMPTED MURDER, made his escape.  He left evidence at the murder scene, prints on a door and the murder weapon.  He also left a long trail of blood, after cutting himself during the violent attack.  He walked quickly for nearly half a mile, then got into a taxi in Greenfield Park.

    Ross went to a caravan park in Ayr with his girlfriend.  He was arrested and charged with the murder of Sean Humphrey.  His defence was that he too, was a victim of a knife attack by somebody else.  He said that by going to Ayr, it was not to get away, but to have time for romance!  How do you go for a romantic break after you claim a madman with a knife, killed your good friend and tried to do it to you also?  Where was the frantic call to Police?  Where was the trip to hospital to have your hand stitched up?  What was the attack all about?  How did he manage to stab Sean Humphrey all those times, without hindrance?  No, it was unimportant, I must make a getaway and then go for a shack up with my girlfriend, well out of the way.  Then the court heard that Ross had a number of convictions for knife possession.  He had also been released from prison two months earlier for attempted murder.   His defence naturally tried to use "his background" excuse, citing that Ross`s father was murdered.  Yet, is this an excuse for going about tooled up and ready, attempting to kill somebody, and then within two months of being let out, butchering a "friend."  This sort of bollocks might gain nods of approval from the Prison Reform Trust or Liberty, but what about Sean Humphrey?  What did he do to warrant such brutality?  Ross received 20 years.

    Seeing examples of thugs who constantly carry knives with impunity, reminds me of one person in Ellesmere Port, who was the only man allowed by the Police to walk about tooled up, and that was because he was a grass.  He was the most notorious knife merchant in the town, yet it was incredible what he was allowed to get away with and also how far the Police would go to protect their man.  One time, he threatened a woman with a knife, but when the cowards in uniform turned up, they proceeded to intimidate the victim.  She lived in fear of this man after this and had to be rehomed away from the area by the council.  Oh I could really go to town on this alleged "hardman" - this has produced howls of laughter in the Port after jailbird Bronson referred to this guy as a "top legend and proper hardman" yet this "hardman" turned into a quivering wreck every time he was faced with a member of my brother-in-laws family, considering the amount of beatings he has had off them.  This man is NEVER a victim.  Need I say anymore.