Thursday, 9 October 2014

Kidnap Gang Sent Down

Robert Collins was upset over a Bulgarian property deal and £40,000, involving the boyfriend of his own daughter, and decided to take matters into his own hands.  He had the man, Wasim Yaqub, abducted from his home in Upton Road, Kidderminster in August 2010, by a gang and taken away.  Mr Yaqub was first taken to a storage container in Coleshill, where they stripped him and then started severely beating him with hammers.  His extensive injuries included two broken ankles.  Not content with this, they moved him to another location the following day, where they proceeded to stab him.  Now he was bundled into the boot of a car, to be moved yet again, but a woman passer-by heard his cries and alerted Police.  The gang drove off before Police arrived and quickly dumped him.  He was found and rushed to the nearest hospital.  Police now made numerous arrests and the gang all faced charges at Worcester Crown Court.

    Robert Collins, 58, from Bewdley, received two & half years for Conspiracy to kidnap.
    Robert Watters, 47,From Castle Bromwich, three years for Conspiracy to kidnap.
    Tariq Mahmood, 41, from Castle Bromwich, Conspiracy, False Imprisonment & Grievous Bodily Harm, 17 years.
    Tehery Mahmood, 37, Stechford, False Imprisonment & GBH with intent,
    Paul Murray, 42, Birmingham, Conspiracy & False Imprisonment, 15 years.
    Steven Taylor, 37, Aston, False Imprisonment ,two & half years
    Un -named person for legal reasons, 17 years.