Sunday, 5 October 2014

The Anglesey Vampire & The Murder of Mabel Leyshon

There is very few known cases of vampirism in this country.  In the USA there was Rod Ferrell & Richard Chase, but here, we did have the claim by acid bath murderer John Haigh that he drank the blood of some of his victims.  That was undoubtedly a ploy to achieve an insanity verdict, which in reality, was the only defence he could use in order to be spared the noose.   It failed.  This notorious case, however, happened just after the Millenium and up in North Wales.  A mystery is what brought a seemingly normal, friendly and trouble free teenager to commit such a barbaric act.  This "vampire" was 17 year old Matthew Hardman, a paperboy from the village of Llanfair PG - spelt like this because it has a very long name.  He had left David Huws School at 16 and enrolled at Menai College where he was studying Art & Design.   But after a couple of months, his behaviour altered and now he was becoming obsessed with vampires, the dark side of life and generally becoming "strange."  There was a teenage German exchange student staying in the village, and Hardman believed she was a vampire and repeatedly begged him to bite him on the neck and thus make him immortal.  This completely frightened and unnerved her, resulting in her keeping out of his way.

    It was on November 24th 2001, that Hardman acted on his sick fantasies.  Very close to his home was the bungalow of one of his paper round clients, 90 year old Mabel Leyshon.  She was sat watching tv when Hardman entered her home and attacked her.  He stabbed her 22 times, then he cut out her heart, wrapped it in newspaper, placed it in a saucepan and then placed the pan on a silver platter beside her body.  The murder hunt was led by Superintendent Alan Jones, who quickly focused on Hardman.  A knife was found in his home with the DNA of Mrs Leyshon on it.  He was convicted at Mold Crown Court on August 3rd 2002, and because he was classed as a juvenile, he was sentenced to a minimum of just 12 years!!!!  So, all he has to do is spend his time being a good boy, pretending he has now reformed, and say all the right things to a parole board and hey presto - he will be out.  The sentence, as far as I am concerned, was a sick joke.  How can you do what he did get a minimum of 12 years?  I know it will put a smile on the faces of the Prison Reform Trust & Liberty, but what about the victim?  Does she not deserve real justice?  As for the bleeding hearts and do-gooders, I say this "You cannot do the sentence then do not commit the crime."

    A possible explanation for his sudden change in personality is that he started smoking cannabis.  Cue cries from the hippies and the legalisation wankers, but what about cannabis induced paranoid psychosis?  The medical team at the Glastonbury festival stated a couple of years ago, that the biggest drug problems they had to deal with by far, were cannabis induced.  I run into this smell frequently whilst working, and I fucking hate it.  Add to the fact that I am not a sop or toady to hippies or pushers.