Saturday, 25 October 2014

Another Killer Given Life Without Parole

The exclusive list of killers sentenced to a whole life term is getting longer and longer.  This is something that the Government and Home Office is going have to face up to and accept.  The latest entry that will have the Prison Reform Trust and Liberty weeping buckets of tears - though not for the victims - is a man released to kill again.  This time his murder was not a frenzied attack but a cool and VERY calculated act.  This double killer is Paul O`Hara, from Heywood, just outside of Rochdale.  The victim was 40 year old Cherylee Shennan, who ran her own second hand furniture business in Rawtenstall, Lancashire.  She ran the business with her partner, but their relationship ended.  She began a relationship with a man she had employed in her business.  That man was Paul O`Hara, 41.  But soon, Cherylee`s behaviour changed, and she showed signs of violence, which many women dismiss as accidents in the home.  She secretly confided that she was frightened of O`Hara and had suffered considerable violence.

    Her family were worried about her and on hearing what O`Hara had actually inflicted on her and threatened her on two occasions with a knife, they reported their concerns to Police.  A Police man and woman came to the house, but O`Hara was close by with a hammer, and upon entering the house, the officers tried to defuse the situation.  There was no defusing O`Hara.  He exploded with violence, attacking Cherylee and the two officers, injuring them.  The male officer managed to get Cherylee out of the house but O`Hara got hold of a kitchen knife and went after Cherylee.  The officer was unable to protect Cherylee, and then O`Hara proceeded to calmly and with deliberation, stab Cherylee numerous times.  The stabbings were not in a frenzy, but according to witnesses, very controlled.  Other officers arriving on the scene, overpowered the knifeman with CS spray, whilst Cherylee was being tended to by paramedics, with an air ambulance waiting.  She died at the scene.

    At Preston Crown Court in 2014, the Judge was taking no prisoners and sentenced him to a whole life sentence.  The details of O`Hara`s murderous past was revealed.  He had been released in 2012 after serving fourteen years for murdering his former girlfriend, 21 year old Janine Waterworth, days after she ended their relationship.  She was STABBED 12 times, close to her home in Oldham.  His excuse was he thought she had taken up with another man.  He had been no stranger to sentences for violence.   His excuse for the attack on Cherylee was that the cops were taking him back to jail.  You cannot use women as punch bags and expect to keep getting away with it, but O`Hara has twice responded with knives, fatally.  No doubt the families of Cherylee and Janine think the state should respond with a hood and a length of rope.  Oh that would horrify the professional whingers and apologists.  But then again, these cunts do not have to live with the pain like the families of both victims.