Thursday, 23 October 2014

Decision To Release Triple Killer Roberts

This is one of those memorable decisions by authorities to release a hardened killer.  In this case, the three victims were unarmed Police officers, and it was over an out of date tax disc and the fact that three men were observed in a car.  Two officers were shot dead by the gunman`s vehicle, the third was cold bloodedly executed whilst in his car.  The events began on Friday 12th August 1966, in Shepherd's Bush, London, when the officers went to speak to the occupants of the car.  Inside were John Witney, John Duddy & Harry Roberts.  DC David Wombwell was shot through the head by Roberts.  He then shot DC Christopher Head in the back.  He jumped from the car and went to the unmarked Police car and shot PC Geoffrey Fox.  Why?  

    The idea was that they were going to rob rent collectors, postmen and post offices.  They were armed but Duddy and Witney said that Roberts said if there was trouble, they were not leaving witnesses.  The cold blooded murder of PC Fox proved that.  Witney and Duddy were traced and arrested, but Roberts went on the run.  He had served in the armed forces, and knew survivalist skills but after a massive manhunt, he was found and surrendered without a fight.  All three were given life sentences.  Roberts was given 30 years but has been in for nearly forty eight years.  Roberts was no stranger to extreme violence.  He was jailed for seven years for attacking and robbing a very old man.  The victim died one year and three days, after the attack in November 1958, so he was saved from a murder charge by two days - up to a year and a day after an attack - which could have resulted in a Capital Murder charge.  Roberts was said to have been released on strict licence some years ago but it was revoked after he was frequently consorting with criminals.  Understandably, the Police are very unhappy about this paroling of a triple killer.

    But fear not, the release of Roberts will undoubtedly put big grins on the faces of Liberty and The Prison Reform Trust.  Not to mention the "radicals" young and old.  The people who allegedly hated the wealthy Capitalists, and the Fuzz who were their private army.  One can imagine them feeling so happy for Roberts in their very plush homes, power suits and no doubt, expensive cars.  (Certainly no pursuit of wealth here - oh how very capitalist!)  The families of all of Roberts` victims will have to live with it.  But then again, since when do victims and their families count?  There will also be the rush from the old Underworld faces to fete him at dinners, stand up and applaud this "hero."  Being a good person does not mean anything in sections of society.  A bastard is better thought of than an honest, hardworking person.