Saturday, 4 October 2014

The Murder of Amanda Randall

The murder of this young girl would these days raise the accusations that the killer was a paedophile, not somebody totally besotted with a girl not ready to leave school.  It was November 10th 1978, and 14 year old Amanda Randall was working part time at a pickle factory in Llanelli, South Wales.  She did not know that a fitter employed at the factory, 31 year old Graham Bowen, had completely smitten with the girl, despite the huge difference in age and the fact that she was underage.  That night, for reasons not clear, he partially strangled the girl in the factory, then he put her in his car and drove away with her.  He pulled to a stop in a deserted country lane by the village of Felinfoel, and here he sexually assaulted her, then bludgeoned her and mutilated her with an axe.

    The hunt for the killer was led by Superintendent Roy Davies and he quickly homed in on Bowen.  A positive forensic link was made linking Bowen to the crime scene.  Fibres from what turned out to be an Italian made jumper, was that link.  Bowen was charged with the murder of Amanda and appeared at Swansea Crown Court in July 1979.  He was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment.  The Judge, Mr Tasker-Watkins remarked that it was one of the foulest crimes he had ever had to preside over.   I have been unable to find out when Bowen was released or whether he still walks among us.