Monday, 6 October 2014

Historical Unsolved Murders PT3

Harry Tooze, 64, and his wife Megan, 67, were found blasted to death with a shotgun at their farmhouse in  Llanharry near Bridgend, South Wales on 31st July 1993.  Police soon had a suspect on their radar.  Their future son-in-law Jonathon Jones.  He was charged with their murders and convicted in 1995 but a year later, the Court of Appeal quashed his conviction.  Police based their case on identification, circumstantial evidence and perceived greed of Mr Jones.  A witness saw a man in the area who wore a raincoat and hat and the man tried to hide his features from the witness.  It was later proven that a man lived in the area who was the same height as Mr Jones - 6`4", thin, sallow complexion and did wear the same coat that the witness saw the man wearing.  The motive put forward was that Jones wanted their farmhouse and life savings, estimated to be £150,000.  Mr Jones had somebody firmly in his corner, believing in his innocence.  Cheryl Tooze, his girlfriend, and daughter of the victims.  They married after he was released from prison.  The case has gone through a couple of cold case reviews, but hope was raised in 2003 when barrels of a shotgun were found in a disused mine shaft not far away.  A hold all and shotgun cartridges were also found and taken for forensic examination. 

    The second case goes back to 1966 and a gangland killing in London.  This, however, was not a hit on a big name villain, but one of the many smaller professional criminals that make up the bulk of the Underworld.  Ernie Isaacs used a job as a market trader as a cover for his criminal activities, but on Tuesday May 24th 1966, he went back to his flat in Penn Street in Shoreditch, where a mystery gunman shot him four times.  Isaacs kept a number of guns at his home so Police believed that the gunman used one of them to eliminate him.  The death of Isaacs quickly faded from the public`s memory and the case went unsolved.