Saturday, 1 November 2014

Twisted Killer Given Death Sentence

Another sick, deviant killer has been given the death sentence for three appalling murders in the USA.  The death penalty is still available in around thirty seven states, but it is remarkable just how long the appeals process drag on for.  The man, who people will weep for much more than for his victims, is 56 year old William Clyde Gibson.  He waived a jury sentencing for his third murder, and let the Judge pass the sentence of death, in New Albany, Floyd County, in Indiana.  He found himself in serious trouble when Police in April 2012, dug up his garden.  A woman, 35 year old Stephanie Kirk, had been reported missing, and four weeks later they found her.  She had been the victim of horrifying violence.  Her back had been broken and she had been strangled.  She had also been subjected to savage, sexual deviancy.

    But this was only the start.  In October 2013, Gibson had been sentenced to death for another sexually motivated murder.  His victim was 75 year old Christine Whitis.  She too, had had her spine broken.  She had been subjected to - wait for it - sexual deviancy.  Not content with this, he had also hacked off one of her breasts.  Her body was discovered in his garage by his own sisters.  Thank christ these women were not the sort to cover up for family, regardless of the crime.  He claimed that he "had not meant to kill her" but she did rebuff his sexual advances.  My god, what kind of world are we living in, when women are rejecting men!  Disgraceful!!!  His defence came up with the usual garbage, abused as a child, Bi-polar, etc, etc.  He claimed that Miss Whitis made a nasty remark about his deceased mother.  But did she?  

    To top it off, Gibson had also been given a 65 year sentence for murdering 44 year old Karen Hodella in 2002.  She was found decomposing alongside the Ohio River in October of that year.  She had multiple stab wounds.  All in all, an extremely unpleasant and dangerous man.  This will drag on for years, but for nowhere near as long as the suffering of the victims families.