Sunday, 9 November 2014

A Pause For My Thoughts

I thought it would be nice to have a quick break from the mayhem of life to give some reflections on my thought processes and what has led me to my stand on law and order.  My initial interest in crime was sparked at 16 by reading John pearson`s "Profession of Violence" about the Krays.  Then I started following newspaper reports on crimes and started reading more true crime books.  The interest has always been there over the years but it really exploded over the last 12 years or more - I did a couple of courses on criminology.  Now with the Internet, all you need to find out is there at the click of the mouse.

    But how has crime affected me over the years?  There was a rape of a young girl by two men in the town in 1978.  I knew who one of them was, but not personally.  Police launched a dragnet which caught them.  Then there was a thug regarded as a "top legend" and "proper hardman" by jailbird Michael Peterson - "Bronson" - who lived across the road from me.  This thug twice in one night, tried to smash his way into my parents home, to attack my father.  Some family members raced there but it was when my brother-in-law and an elder brother turned up, that was when the cowards of the Ellesmere Port Police turned nasty.  They refused to arrest this thug, because according to them, "they had not seen him do anything" but when these two turned up, they knew that this thug was on a one way trip to hospital if either gotten hold of him.  They were repeatedly threatened for doing nothing!  Police instigated a cover up to protect this thug.  Then I discovered that this troublemaker was a notorious Police informer.  No wonder they bent over backwards to protect him!  Much later, one night, my father was walking the dog and this thug thought "here`s my opportunity" but when he saw my elder brother - the hardman of the family - this "proper hardman" lost his bottle.  Oh dear, no weapons, no Police buddies, what am I going to do? He did absolutely fuck all.  He kept his mouth shut!  Then one day, my B-I-L stopped his truck, got out and confronted this "legend" who responded by COWERING!  He is frightened to death of my B-I-L`s two elder brothers.  This thug committed numerous acts of violence that would have had anybody else doing a long stretch in jail.  He has many beatings over the years from the real tough nuts in the town.  One of my B-I-L`s brothers got a grip of this "hardman" and warned him that if he ever hurt my father, he was going to put him into the ground!  Needless to say, he shit himself!  And as for that clown in prison, his claims about this "legend" has produced laughter and ridicule.

    On a personal level, before I moved to Yorkshire, I had two cars stolen, cars vandalised and numerous attempts to burgle my home.  You could see the climbing marks on the 6 foot high brick wall separating my home from a school next door.  I had all the windows and the door very securely bolted.  On this level, it is difficult to listen to professional apologists making every excuse for a car thief and burglar.  Car thieves also liked to bring Police into chases around the streets where I lived.  Usually late at night, when a car come screaming up the street, and the squealing of tyres, you knew it was to get the Police to come after them.  And these were not wide streets!  If they had killed somebody, which they would have at speeds they went at, or crashed, then as long as they were not hurt, then it would have been "So what!" 

    Yes, I can go from supporting the Police, to hating them.  My view is, if you are guilty, then you are guilty.  But every Police force will have it`s unscrupulous officers.  Even if it is hardened villain, if he has not done it, then he is innocent.  Sounds such a simple philosophy but it is mine.  One topic that I will never compromise on, and that is drugs.  When you have witnessed destruction and death through these substances, you can do nothing but despise the legalisation wankers.  As one Counsellor I know commented, "These people do not want to know the ugly side of drugs.  They do not want it in their homes or lives!"  Especially if it meant putting their hands into their own pockets to pay for an addict`s fix.  And if they were made criminally responsible for an addict.  I hate everything the so-called "Counter culture" of the sixties and early seventies stood for, except for the music - I am a classic rock fanatic.  I have posted it before, but it is hypocritical to despise "Capitalists" yet openly embrace the ultimate Capitalist - The Pusher.  When all that pushers want is money, what does that make them?  Do they care if you live or die?  No!  So long as you are giving them money, so what!  I wonder how many pushers or "brothers & sisters" of the "Counter culture" amassed fortunes courtesy of the rock stars and other showbiz people wanting to "Turn on, tune in, drop out!"  Share and share alike or "I want money! Lots of it!"  Not hard to work that one out.  This, dear readers, are just a few of the workings of my mind and the view I have of the world.  With my eyes open!