Monday, 24 November 2014

Hurrah! Another Pusher Gets Sent Down!

Sorry for the recent absence but now I am back in the frame and to start off with, a local story involving one of my pet subjects; the conviction of a pusher.  This time it is 29 year old Imran Novsarka, who received three years four months for possession heroin and crack cocaine with intent to supply, possessing heroin and crack cocaine, and conspiring to smuggle mobile phones into a prison.  His bedsit was raided by Police, where they discovered £7,000 worth of heroin and crack, plus £6,000 in cash.  His defence was that he was very heavily in debt to loan sharks, and so started selling drugs in order to pay them off.

   His Barrister said that Novsarka was simply a man on the bottom rung of the criminal drugs ladder, and was therefore being used by various parties.  The Recorder (Judge) was not convinced by this argument, stating that he was found with considerable cash and a quantity of illegal drugs and so set his sentence at 40 months.  In the last couple of years, dozens and dozens of pushers have been convicted and jailed in the Bradford area, and hopefully, the Police will keep up the pressure.  Contrary to what the apologists would say about legalisation, so far the Police are showing the public they are not wavering on this matter, and if they catch you, you are going down.  Good!