Saturday, 29 November 2014

Killer Truckers

This will be a prelude to a series of posts on killer truck drivers who are serial killers.  It has been recently revealed that there are more than five hundred unsolved murders linked to the Interstate network throughout the United States.  An Oklahoma Crime Analyst, Terri Turner, was looking into seven unsolved murders, and found all were found very close to Interstate highways, and so put out a request from all Police agencies on unsolved homicides, linked to major roads.  Law Enforcement was not prepared for the outcome.  The FBI became involved and solved twenty murders attributed to a couple of individuals.  Both were truckers.  It has been said that there are twenty five incarcerated serial killers who are truckers.  One of the most infamous is Keith Hunter Jesperson, convicted of eight murders but has boasted of killing up to 160!  He became known as "The Smiley Face Killer."

    Most of the victims are prostitutes, who frequent the truck stops.  There, at the orders of their pimps, they pester all the truckers for business.  Even schoolgirls have been forced into these truckers rest stops by their "caring and loving" pimps, whose only concern is for money.  Would they care if one of their girls was murdered?  Of course he would.  There would be a drop in money in his pocket.  These girls are known as "Lots Lizards" by drivers but a group are fighting back by informing authorities of anything suspicious they see.  This has resulted in young women being taken away from this lifestyle by authorities.  But these killers are only a very tiny proportion of the truckers that operate throughout the USA.  There have been a number of murders of drivers, victims of robbery.  No doubt, some junkie desperate for money for a fix.  The reason prostitutes are killed in high numbers are because, quite simply, they are throwaway victims.