Sunday, 16 November 2014

Fred and Rose West PT2

This is more of an update to my previous post on Britain`s most loving and caring parents.  More details keep emerging about the guilt of Rose West, equally as her husband.  So this is to comment on various points.  The evidence of Caroline Roberts, a former nanny, was crucial in showing that far from being complicit in the murders, she was more the dominant one.  Despite the assertions of various Psychologists that Rose went along with events to please her man and was easily manipulated.  Just like Myra Hindley and Karla Homolka.  Yeah right.  It was revealed that a few years before her near murder at Rose`s hands, Caroline was sexually assaulted at the age of 13 by an elderly man.  Yet, the Police disbelieved her and sympathised with the man.  She lost faith in the authorities.  The attitude of cops in "Life on Mars" to sex crimes was already in place in real life.  Fred raped her and then begged her not to tell Rose.  Strange for a "domineering" man to be frightened to death of his wife.  Caroline eventually escaped with her life, and decades later gave vital evidence in court.

    Both Wests came from incestuous families, brought on by their parents.  Fred was "initiated" by his own mother at 12, and his father showed him to screw sheep!!  Another woman survived being them.  This was Kathryn Halliday.  She was a lesbian and was brought for sex sessions with Rose, but when both Wests started going on about bondage and such, she decided it was time to get out.  Kathryn passed away this year from cancer. Despite coming from such backgrounds, I believe everybody knows right from wrong, and they should have known it but I believe they chose to ignore it.  She continues to protest her innocence but to do what she did, you have to a Psychopath.  

    But, as with other notorious cases, this one has attracted conspiracy theories.  This one involves witchcraft and sacrificial rites, involving wealthy and influential people.  Personally, I think it is a load of bollocks.  The claims never have any solid proof to back them up, only coincidence or perceived coincidence.  The Wests were providing victims for occultists to sexually abuse then sacrifice them ritually.  Some of the bodies had toe or finger digits missing, with them found near the bodies.  An occultist trait.  Yes, no doubt a method to really instigate fear is to do something like that.  If you can mutilate, killing should be easy.
That area was supposedly a hot spot for covens and diabolists.  No doubt many women danced naked around fires, goats and chickens regularly slaughtered, and pre-pubescent girls were laid upon an altar for all the men to take turns with.  Of course, the Wests were never members of a coven because they were working class, only middle and upper class were allowed in.  How the hell(!) did these conspiracy theorists know that?  Fred spoke about others that he was not going to name.  This means powerful and wealthy people.  Crap!  I believe they were part of a paedophile ring.  Fred obviously received threats from these powerful people about keeping his mouth shut, and so hung himself to keep the secret.  So, of course it was not about that his life would not be worth living in prison, and with him out of the way, at least one would go free.  One of his brothers` hanged himself.  He was alleged to have been involved in some of his brothers` crimes, and so hanged himself to protect the "powerful" people or was threatened.  He was facing multiple rape charges.  Read that again.  Multiple rape.  He was going down good style, knowing that unless he got complete segregation, his time in prison, like his brother, would have been dangerous.  There will always be people ready to believe any conspiracy theory, because, ultimately, they need something to cling to.  Many explanations are far too simple for them to comprehend.  Sad.