Sunday, 9 November 2014

Grandmother Jailed For Drug Haul

A Liverpool grandmother received an eight year jail sentence when a stash of drugs worth at least £1,000,000 plus a firearm and ammunition was found in her loft.  Maria Mellor, 53, had her home in Toxteth searched after Police received a tip off.  Their visit clearly ruffled the woman.  A search of the loft found a substantial amount of drugs.  Five and a half kilos of heroin, valued at between £218,000 to £323,000, 316 grammes of crack cocaine valued at just over £31,000 and a class C drug, TTMPP, 78,000 tablets valued at between £480,000 to £780,000.  In addition, a revolver was discovered along with 337 rounds of ammunition.

    Also charged with her, was her nephew, 37 year old James Shields, whose DNA was found on the gun.  Mrs Mellor claimed that she was forced to hide things for loan sharks, after running up a debt, due to the extortionate interest rates that loan sharks charge. (Are they any different to the plethora of pay day loan companies we see advertised all the time?)  She had to resort to this drastic measure after having her benefits stopped.  But possession of so much drugs and an illegal firearm and ammunition, are charges that will not go away.  Mrs Mellor was given four years for the drugs and another four years for the gun and bullets.  James Shields received five years for illegally possessing a firearm.  What is strange is that despite possession of a firearm is an automatic prison sentence, there are people who can stand up in court and admit to not only possessing an illegal weapon, but walking about with it loaded, and willing to use it, yet bizarrely, do not face charges.  Funny that!