Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Back on Track Once Again.

Due to numerous problems with the PC that have now been sorted, I can get back to what I love doing.  Much has happened over the last week or more.  A man holds up his hands on a New York street and gets jumped from behind by a cop and ends up strangled - yes, I have seen the footage.  Then a man in Ferguson, Missouri, dies fleeing from a cop and is shot eight times!  It was some days before it was revealed (over here) that twelve shots were fired in total and the distance was over 140 feet!  What questions does that raise?  Plenty.  Was the cop in question, a marksman?  This is not the world of films and television where a cop hits a suspect over fifty yards away, running, with one shot.  Naturally, such a situation would bring out the white supremacists in support, but with all the protests going on throughout the US highlighting how black people feel about being arrested by the Police and ending up dead, one wonders how Law Enforcement can weather the storm.  True, there will always be those who will exploit a situation for no other reason than mayhem, but there were genuinely protesting.  According to reports , the National Guard were drafted in.  Ah yes, the National Guard!  You could join them in the 60`s and early 70`s and avoid the Vietnam draft.  (I had to get that in!)

    We did have one incident over here, just like the one with the young lad with a ball bearing gun.  We had some wanker pointing one at people in the street and thinking it was funny.  Police did not think so.  Nor did the people who found themselves staring down the barrel of a gun.  In the media uproar that followed, one apologist said that the Police and media over-reacted.  Really?  Has this fucker ever had a firearm pointed at himself for a laugh?  If an armed patrol had come across him and he raised it in their direction, then he would be asking to be shot.  We have constant armed patrols in this city, and many a time you can see them getting food from Morrisons and Asda.  Whilst on delivery, I came across armed officers who pulled a car over, but as the guy was not spreadeagled on the floor, I realised it was just a traffic stop. Would anybody in their right mind, cause bother when cops have a gun on their hip?  This may sound contradictory in regards to what I put earlier, but there is right and wrong.  My opinion is that the incidents in the US were wrong but in regards to the young lad who was shot waving a ball bearing gun - I believe he was just 12! - could it have been handled better?  My US readers might want to offer their opinions, so feel free to comment.