Sunday, 14 December 2014

Killer Trucker - John Robert Williams

It was a person watching a TV programme about an unsolved murder that resulted in the arrest of two killers and the start of a possible serial killer case.  This person found that details in the show matched details of a murder a cousin of theirs was bragging about.  It resulted in the arrest of John Robert Williams , a truck driver, and his girlfriend Rachel Cumberland.  It was the case of Nikki Hill, who was found shot in the head with a handgun, and in the back with a shotgun.  Miss Hill, 20, had disappeared from a casino in 2004.  Williams was charged with kidnapping and murder, and jailed for life plus twenty years.  Cumberland took a plea to manslaughter and received twenty years.

    Now investigators were delving into unsolved murders that involved interstate highways, truck stops and prostitutes.  Williams is incarcerated in a supermax unit at Parchman Prison in Mississippi.  Now both were being interviewed about other murders, with Williams claiming to have killed 37 women!  Was this just boasting or was he coming clean?  There had to be some detail that could positively link him to a particular crime.  And he did provide it.  He said he had murdered a prostitute from Toledo, Ohio, and had dumped her body in a parking lot, ten miles outside of Indianapolis.  There was such a murder.  That of Buffie Rae Brawley, 27, from Portland, Oregon.  He gave a description of a tattoo on her.  It contained the name "Ebony" the name of Buffie`s daughter.  She had duct tape tied around her head, had suffered blunt force trauma and had been strangled.   Asked why he decided to kill her, the response was "she knocked on his truck window!"

    An investigator from Texas, told of Williams confessing to him of killing a woman and throwing her off a bridge in Texas.  There was such a case.  The murder of Casey Jo Pipestem, a 19 year old Seminole Indian from Oklahoma City.  At present, it is unknown if Williams will be charged with the murders of Buffie and Casey Jo, but the murder of Casey Jo could result in a death sentence for Williams.  He is a suspect in two other unsolved murders.  That of Jennifer Hyman from Oklahoma City, whose nude body was discovered below a railroad bridge going over the Tallahatchie River, by an engineer.  The other is that of Samantha Patrick, found in Yukon, Oklahoma, twelve miles west of Oklahoma City.

    Sometimes I get messages from people claiming that my facts are wrong.  Everything I put is in the public domain.  The information here was gleamed from Murderpedia and from Discovery ID documentary "Killer Truckers."