Saturday, 13 December 2014

Mexico - Narco State

Have any of you watched the Sky News special about civil war erupting in Mexico?  Why is this happening?  The answer; drugs.  The Mexican drug cartels are running amok with assistance from corrupt cops and military personnel.  The very people who are supposed to be stopping these criminal organisations, are actively helping them in their crimes and are also killing anybody who stands up to them.  Now the people are fighting back and have formed vigilante armies and are setting up prisons where they incarcerate cartel members and other criminals.  The difference between the vigilantes and the cartels, is that the vigilantes are not carrying out mass Nazi-style exterminations.  Mass graves are being unearthed all over a mountain range.  The victims , men, women and children, were slaughtered for not kowtowing to them.  Daring to refuse to take orders from bandits.  In ten years, more than 120,000 people have been murdered.  More than 27,000 are still missing.  As the reporter put it, "These people are suffering for our wild parties!"  This is all because the movement of narcotics from South America has for some years now, been straight through Mexico, onto the USA and Europe.

    After watching this, would the pro-drugs wankers make their way to the areas of Mexico ran by the vigilante groups and explain to them that they have gotten it all wrong, and drugs are nowhere as bad as the nasty authorities would have us believe.  Would you expect to see the Marks` and Fieldings of this world venturing their way there to fight the corner of the pusher and the addict?  Not a chance!  Out there, Marks would not have the protection of the British Security Services.  That is the strangest thing about Marks.  He has, according to, admitted he was an informer for the Security Services, yet you never hear anybody slagging him off, that he was grassing people up to the very people the so called "Counter Culture" allegedly despised; the Governments` spooks.  Yet Marks, like many criminals who go into autobiography, suffers from enormous memory lapses.  These activities never made it into his book.  This would obviously mean that he was given licence to import drugs provided he kept providing information.  Marks let his "Mr Nice" mask slip twice.  One, he complained that a DEA agent had it in for him.  My god, could it have been for the reason that all he ever did was import drugs?  Did Marks think he was above the law?  Secondly, going into prison, the food was not the Cordon Bleu standard he was used to.  Ah diddums!  He had to eat slop with the rest of the peasantry.  You poor bastard!   An interesting comparison is Paul Grimes and John Haase.  They all slag Grimes for what he did.  That is, make a stand against drugs.  Yet, it emerged that Haase was an informer for quite some years, yet do we hear people screaming that Haase is "A fucking grassing bastard!"  It seems not.  Funny that.