Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Pair Jailed For Carrying Firearms

A recent case here in Bradford was that of two men sentenced to a total of thirteen years for possessing illegal firearms.  Everything started on June 10th, this year, when the two were chased through the Great Horton district by Police.  The duo, in a Mitsubishi Pajero 4x4, were pursued by Police, but stopped the vehicle outside Southmere Primary School in Great Horton, fleeing on foot but were detained by Police.  The Mitsubishi was searched, with a haul consisting of a sawn off shotgun, cartridges, balaclavas and gloves being discovered in a bag.  A further firearm was discovered hidden in a tree at the rear of Ali`s home.  The two men were arrested were Zulfiqar Ali, 33 of Listerhills, Bradford and Jordan Farooq, 24, of Great Horton, Bradford.  Ali received seven and a half years and Farooq, five and a half years.  Both had numerous previous convictions.  Ali had 11 convictions and Farooq, 12.

    The case was sparked by suspicious officers on a routine patrol resulting in firearms being recovered, and if you carry them, you go down.  But regular readers will know this is simply not true some times.  I have harped on about it a few times but when a grandmother goes down in Liverpool for allowing loan sharks to leave stuff in her attic - a gun and ammunition - but somebody else can stand up in court and admit two serious firearm offences for which he is NOT facing charges, you have to ask yourself, why?  Why is possession of an illegal firearm an automatic five years prison, yet does not apply to certain people?  Why are they so special?  No doubt your conclusions are the same as mine!