Thursday, 11 December 2014

The Unsolved Murder of Lisa Hession

Delving back into the unsolved files brings up the case of 14 year old Lisa Hession, attacked and strangled on Saturday December 8th 1984, as she walked home alone, from a party.  Her body was discovered just before midnight in Rugby Road, Leigh, just hundreds of yards from the family home.  Her mother, Christine, reported her missing when she failed to reach the family home, but within a very short space of time, she received a call from Police to make her way to Leigh Infirmary.  It was there that Mrs Hession had the awful responsibility of formally identifying her deceased daughter.  Police reported that some of her clothes were disturbed, suggesting a sexual motive.  She had a black mark around her neck, suggesting some kind of ligature, and that she had a black eye, meaning the assailant stuck her first before carrying out his murderous assault.  Police launched a huge manhunt but eventually it ran cold, being given sporadic reviews, but in 2011, Police believed they may be on the verge of a breakthrough.  Thanks to advances in DNA technology, they were now swabbing men throughout the Leigh area, so it was clear that they were able to get DNA traces from Lisa, and hopefully get a match.

    But it seems there has been no positive match.  This case and others like it would bolster the need for a compulsory national database, ensuring that the guilty never gets away with serious crime.  Of course the wankers from civil liberties and human rights would be crying into their cornflakes every morning, but that shows what they truly feel about victims.  If you have nothing to be afraid of, then there is no problem.  I have no objection.  Is it not about time the victims of murder came first, and if a national database catches the killer, then so be it.  Nobody is above the law.