Thursday, 17 October 2013

The Unsolved Murder of Victoria Hall

The murder of young Victoria Hall remains an open case after fourteen years, and Police seem to be no nearer to a successful conclusion.  A young man was charged with her murder but the evidence relied totally on bits of dirt, which was challenged by defence lawyers, and the Jury agreed by acquitting him fairly quickly.  

    Vicky Hall was just 17 when she vanished on Sunday night 19th September 1999 after a night out with her friend Gemma Algar to the nightclub The Bandbox in Felixstowe.  They were on their way back to their homes in nearby Trimley St Mary, when they parted company. Vicky was just two hundred yards from her home.  Gemma said she heard some screams but did not know who it was.  Vicky was found twenty five miles away in Creeting St Peter near Stowmarket.  She was unclothed and dumped in a water filled ditch.  An autopsy revealed she had been suffocated but not sexually assaulted.  

    Police launched a huge inquiry but did not get any suspects until the case of a young businessman was prosecuted that ended in acquittal.  One very interesting person did emerge years later due to his notoriety; Steve Wright, the Suffolk Strangler.  He lived in Trimley at the time and the night before the disappearance of Vicky, a car was seen following a young woman.  A witness could only give a partial registration number, so the Police used their national computer to get matches of partial car numbers in the area and surrounding areas.  This flagged up Wright but he was never interviewed and not considered a suspect.  I wonder what they think now.  Hopefully, one day the Hall family will get the answers they have been seeking.