Friday, 25 October 2013

The Muriel McKay Kidnap & Murder

This is a case I remember when I was young as it dominated the news media for months, and the fact that Mrs McKay was never found.  What happened was that the kidnappers snatched the wrong person.  The intended target was Ana Murdoch, wife of media mogul, Rupert Murdoch, but the woman taken was Muriel McKay, wife of his deputy, Alick.  The kidnappers were two Trinidadians, Arthur & Nizamodeen Hosein.  Arthur Hosein came to Britain as a tailor`s cutter, did some national service, then married a German girl named Elsa.  1967 saw him buy a farmhouse on the Hertfordshire/Essex border.  Later a plan to make money was hatched with his brother.  They decided on the owner of the News of The World newspaper, Rupert Murdoch, and followed his limousine to an address in Wimbledon.  They did not know that the Murdochs were on holiday, and the McKays were staying at his home.

    It was at 7.45pm on 29th December 1969, that Alick McKay came home to find the house in disarray and his wife missing.  He ran the story in the Murdoch newspapers, despite Police pleas not to.  He received a phone call with a male voice saying "We are mafia M3" and that they took his wife because Ana Murdoch was not there.  He demanded £1,000,000 or she died. A note was received with his wife pleading for her husband to get her released.  Alick McKay and his daughter Diane made a TV appeal to the kidnappers that they could nt get their hands on that much money.  On New Year`s Day, Mr McKay received a call telling him to get the money or else.  A doctor went on TV stating that Mrs McKay needed medication or she could die.  Mr McKay sent his friend Eric Cutler to see a Dutch clairvoyant, Gerard Croiset, who said she was being held in a place on the Herts/Essex border.  Police made searches of border areas but found nothing.

    The McKays received a call on 1st February, telling them that the son, Ian, was to put £500,000 in cases and go to a crossroads on the A10 road.  A cop went in his place but nobody showed up.  They called again on the 6th, saying that Alick & Diane were to take the train to Epping, wait for a call, then take a taxi to Bishops Stortford, leave the cases by a mini van that was parked by a garage, and leave.  Again, cops went in their place.  However, somebody not knowing about the operation, reported the cases to the Police, and a Volvo was seen repeatedly passing the cases.  A registration check led them to Arthur Hosein, owner of Rooks Farm, on the Herts/Essex border.  His fingerprints were found on the ransom demand, and he and his brother were arrested and charged.  Police scoured the farm and surrounding area for weeks, but there was no trace of Muriel McKay.

    They were put on trial at the Old Bailey on 14th September 1970.  They blamed each other.  Convicted without a body, Arthur Hosein received life, plus 25 years for kidnapping, 14 years for blackmail & 10 years for sending threatening letters.  Nizamodeen received the same sentences except for kidnapping, which he received 15 years.  It is not surprising to know that they have been out of prison for many years, which made their sentences a joke.  They have NEVER told what they did to Mrs McKay, yet a parole board gave them release!  The belief is that they killed Mrs McKay and fed her body to pigs, hence absolutely no trace.  A terrible crime and a travesty of so-called punishment.

    An update and correction to this post; Nizamodeen was released but Arthur was consistently denied parole, causing him to complain to the European Court of Criminals - Sorry Human - Rights in 1985 & 1996, dying in Ashworth secure hospital around 2009.  The younger brother was paroled whilst being allowed to remain silent about what happened to Mrs McKay.  Great `eh!  Thanks to Sublimeport for the corrections.