Friday, 25 October 2013

Rena Salmon & The Murder of Lorna Stewart

Rena Salmon was a woman scorned but in this case, it was not the wayward spouse that was killed, but his pregnant girlfriend.  Rena went to the salon of her rival and shot her twice with a shotgun that belonged to her husband.  Then she calmly called Police, admitting to what she had done.  She said that she had originally intended to commit suicide in the salon, but shot Lorna Stewart, 36, instead.

    Rena Salmon had married Paul Salmon in 1985, and had two children.  He worked as an IT consultant and earned very good money, giving his family a good life, and good home in Great Shefford in Buckinghamshire.  But years later, things had changed.  Rena had learned from the husband of Lorna Stewart, that her husband and his wife were having an affair.  Paul Salmon had moved into a flat in Iver, Buckinghamshire.  Lorna Stewart and her children had been taken to Australia by her husband in an attempt to save their marriage, but she came back to the UK and moved into Paul Salmons` flat.  He had also started divorce proceedings.  He was 42 and his wife, 43.  Rena hired a locksmith on 5th September 2002 to open a secure cabinet containing her husbands` guns, and then on 10th September, the former Army Corporal went to the beauty salon run by her love rival, situated in Chiswick, West London.

    She walked in, and according to witness Lindsey Rees, Lorna said to Rena "Have you come to shoot me?" "Yes" was the reply, and two shots rang out.  Then Rena picked up the telephone and called the Police, telling them that she had just shot her husband`s mistress.  She did not deny killing Mrs Stewart, in court, but denied murder, claiming diminished responsibility.  The Jury did not believe her and convicted her on a 10-2 majority.  Paul Salmon had told the court that Rena had attacked Lorna in her own home, had attempted suicide and even spoke of killing her children.  She was sentenced to life imprisonment