Sunday, 20 October 2013

The Unsolved Murder of Lynne Trenholm

This edition of the murder casebook opens with the unsolved murder of 29 years old prostitute Lynne Trenholm at a massage parlour in the Broughton area of Chester, down the road from where I originate.  It was at 10am on a sunday morning, 9th June 1991, when her body was discovered in an upstairs room at Pinky`s Massage Parlour.  She had been stabbed to death in a frenzy.  The parlour, understandably, closed soon after.

    The Police launched an intensive manhunt in which more than 700 people were interviewed, including a number of men who used Pinky`s solely for sexual purposes.  They were sure that many more men who used Pinky`s had not and would not come forward.  The solitary clue Police have, is a fingerprint that cannot be eliminated.  This from time to time, is entered into the fingerprint system but it still fails to find a match.  After some time, the case ran cold, but it is reviewed at least every two years, with public appeals for any information.  A review and appeal in 2001 did produce 18 phonecalls from the public, but this did not result in any arrests.  There have been further appeals in 2011 & 2012, with the Police hopeful that somebody may pass on that vital piece of information.

    The mother of Lynne, who hailed from Failsworth, outside of Manchester, has made her own appeals to the public to come forward.  She said "It did not matter what she did at Pinky`s".  At the end of the day, she was the victim of murder, and twenty two years on, hopefully, the perpetrator will be brought to justice.