Monday, 14 October 2013

Jane Andrews - Murderess

Jane Andrews was a working class girl who craved an extravagant lifestyle but when that was threatened she exploded with violence.  One man was lucky; he walked away from her but another was not so lucky.  She viciously murdered him.  What made the story all the more headline grabbing was the fact that Jane Andrews worked for Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York.

    Jane Andrews was born in 1967 in Cleethorpes to a joiner and social worker, who did well at school, but suffered from depression, panic attacks and an eating disorder, leading to a suicide bid at 15.  The family moved to Grimsby, and at 17, Andrews had an abortion.  She entered Grimsby Art College, and later found a job as a childrens` clothes designer for Marks & Spencer.  It was in 1988 she answered an anonymous advert for a dresser and was interviewed by Sarah Ferguson, who immediately took her on.  Her job now found her making a new circle of wealthy and influential members of higher society.  She married in 1990 to Christopher Dunn-Butler, an executive for IBM, who was very much older than her.  This marriage ended five years later due to her very adulterous behaviour.  She then met Dimitri Horne, the son of a wealthy Greek businessman.  This relationship did not last, and Horne left her.  She reacted to him leaving her by smashing up their flat. She then took an overdose but supposedly did not require any medical treatment.   Another dream of marriage to riches had gone.

    She was introduced to a successful young businessman, Tom Cressman, in 1998, and very quickly moved into his Fulham home.  Now she lost her job at Buckingham Palace, officially to cost cutting, but it was alleged that Sarah had a fling with a Count, who had taken a shine to Andrews so she had to go.  Andrews now found a job at Claridges but she lasted just two months before she lost this job.  Everything now rested on Tom Cressman marrying her, but he refused to.  He was said to have met another woman, which Andrews found out about, which resulted in yet another row.  This one was so violent, Cressman phoned Police but in time honoured tradition, they did not respond.   This was fatal for Tom Cressman.  Whilst he slept, she smashed him over the head with a bat, then stabbed him several times.  She then fled, calling and texting various people, but was found in Cornwall, again having taken an overdose.  She received treatment and was charged with murder.

    At her trial, she claimed she suffered abuse at Cressman's` hands, and that she suffered abuse as a child.  This did not sway the Jury; she was convicted and given life.  Incredibly, in 2009 she escaped from East Sutton Park Prison in Kent but was recaptured days later in a hotel with her family.  She was denied parole in 2012.  

    Let us look at the facts.  She saw wealthy men as her gateway to a life of luxury.  When they were ending it, it threatened her world of hoped for opulence.  She could not handle a man finishing with HER.  This was not love.  The man was a means to an end; luxury.  What would she be faced with?  The possibility of having to get a man who was not loaded.  Heaven forbid.  Was it murder?  Of course it was murder!  She stood over him with a cricket bat and proceeded to smash his head in.  That was not enough.  She then stabbed her helpless victim a number of times.  That is not manslaughter, it is cold blooded murder, but considering the couple of times she has already been denied parole, shows just how lightly she got off.  Many would have served fifteen years plus before that.  Is she a danger?  Think of her track record when it comes to men rejecting her.  It will take a brave bastard to brush all that aside and get cosy with her.

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