Saturday, 5 October 2013

The Murder of Janis Dundas

This brutal murder was a little close for comfort for me, as it happened about a hundred yards away from where my elderly mother lived.  This took place earlier this year when one sunday I travelled over to Ellesmere Port to visit members of my family.  My mother told me what happened in a nearby street, Atherton Avenue.  The killer was quickly caught, as he tried to drive away in the victims` car but crashed into a couple of cars parked on a street and then into a wall.  The murder scene was gruesome.

    Jack Huxley, aged 20, had been thrown out by his family because his whole life revolved around drugging himself up and being pissed, but his step grandmother, 62 year old Janis Dundas, opened her home to him but a day had not passed before this druggy scumbag brutally murdered an elderly lady who showed him kindness.  Before the murder, he had used the computer belonging to Mrs Dundas, scouring the web for pornography of the sort that appealed to him; young men and older women.  He sexually assaulted Mrs Dundas, then armed with four knives and a meat skewer, he launched into a frenzied attack on his victim, leaving her dead in a pool of blood.  She received a total of 28 knife wounds.

    Huxley, in the manner of scumbags, tried to claim self defence, saying that Mrs Dundas tried to sexually assault him and then physically assault him.  He obviously had to resort to a frenzied knife blitz to save his honour.  But when his trial at Liverpool Crown Court approached he changed his plea to guilty, and received a minimum of 21 years 8 months, which I think is light considering the outright savagery of the attack.  He should have received a minimum of 30 - cue cries of outrage from the bleeding hearts and do-gooders - but a family has lost a much loved grandmother simply because of a scumbag only interested in drugs and porn; drugs,those things that should be legalised "to reduce crime" though the whingeing cunts never come up with answers as to where people with no money can get it in order to buy drugs, and obviously cause no problems to people and families.  Well, wankers, this scumbags` own family had had enough of problems with this baghead.  Try and tell both families that legalisation is the only answer.