Sunday, 13 October 2013

Michael & Suzan Carson

This murderous couple ended the lives of two men and a woman, simply because of the delusional "beliefs" and the goading and urging of Suzan Carson, to her lover, Michael.  They were not actually married but she adopted his surname.  Her name was Susan, but she changed the second "s" to a zee.  She had a warped view of the muslim faith and just made anything fit her beliefs, and the claim that she was psychic.  She had long dabbled in hallucinogenic and other drugs, which no doubt, did not alter her perception of the world, as they are harmless.  Right.  Her husband divorced her, fed up of her drug taking and lifestyle.

    James Carson had married young and had a daughter but his wife divorced him after nine years, unable to cope anymore with his personality and mood swings.  He then ran into Suzan who then told him he was now called Michael.  It was 1981.  They travelled around, taking drugs at every opportunity, staying at any place that they were welcomed.  A young woman called Keryn Barnes, who was taken with their philosophies and lifestyle.  A very tragic mistake.  Suzan convinced Michael that she could spot a witch anywhere and Keryn was one, so she had to die.  She was battered around the head and stabbed eleven times.  They fled the San Francisco area and went down to Southern California, and ended up staying at an illegal marijuana farm.  After a short time, they fell out with a friend of the owner, Clark Stevens.  Stevens was shot a couple of times in the head, later revealed, at Suzan`s urging.  They disappeared.  Much later, remains were discovered and the Police were brought in!  The person in charge wanted to grow marijuana, but not be involved in murder.

    The couple got a ride from a man called Hellier but they soon fell out with him, and when the car stopped, Carson shot him after much urging from her.  They took off in the car, and a chase ensued.  Suzan was driving and crashed but they escaped into dense woodland, staying in an old hut.  Carson travelled to Los Angeles to get more drugs but was arrested due to a resemblance to a wanted rapist.  Using a false identity, he managed to bluff his way out, and had managed to hide a gun in the Police car when arrested, due to a sloppy search.  He took off back to Suzan, but the gun was discovered in the car.  Pictures of Carson were circulated amongst Police departments down the West Coast, and San Francisco cops immediately recognised the man they were seeking for the murder of Keryn in 1981, two years previously.  A hunt ensued and eventually they were arrested, and charged with three murders in three different jurisdictions.  Carson would plead to Keryn`s murder if he could have a press conference.  They both freely admitted the other two. This they played up to with relish, loving the exposure, with her sickeningly grinning all the time.  They were both lifed off, believing that they had done no wrong.  She was a number of years older than Carson and it was believed that Keryn was murdered because she was young and attractive and Carson might have taken a serious liking to her.  He did whatever Suzan told him to.  I believe the victims were murdered simply for no reason; she deciding on the spot "They have to die!" and using her twisted beliefs and logic as an excuse.  Should have put the pair of them down.