Saturday, 26 October 2013

Clara Harris - A Woman Scorned

Clara Harris was a woman scorned.  Cast aside for a younger woman, she exploded into deadly violence that saw her kill her husband.  Clara married David Harris on Valentines Day - February 14th 1992.  They had two children plus a daughter from David`s first marriage.  He was an Orthodontist, and his success spread to owning a number of Orthodontist Surgeries.  The Harris` lived the good life and had settled in Friendswood in Texas.  They owned their own cars  with Clara driving a Mercedes Benz.  Some years later David had started an affair with receptionist Gail Bridges, a younger woman. 

    Clara decided to try to win her husband back by going regularly to the gym, to tone up her body, had breast implants and visited tanning shops.  All this she hoped would show her husband that she was as good as a younger woman.  But this did not work.  Clara had hired a private detective agency to get the goods on David, and it was on July 24th 2002, the private dick told her that David was at the Hilton Hotel with Gail Bridges.  Clara drove to the Hilton with her step-daughter Lindsey.  It was stated that Clara attacked Gail in the Hotel and that staff had to escort her out to her car.  She did not drive away but waited for the couple to emerge from the hotel.  When they did, she ran him down, but that not being enough, she reversed and then drove over him again, a couple of times.

    Lindsey had witnessed her step-mother kill her father, and she recounted what she had witnessed to the court.  The episode had so traumatised her that she had attempted suicide four times.  The detective agency had been at the scene and they had actually filmed what happened, making devastating evidence.  Clara was convicted and sentenced to twenty years in prison on February 2003, their wedding anniversary.  She resides at Mountain View Unit in Gainesville in Texas.  She was denied parole in 2011.