Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The Unsolved Murder of Keith Lyon

This unsolved murder of a young lad way back in 1967, has recently been given to a cold case squad, known as the Murder Review Group, and it is hoping that the continuing advances in DNA technology will provide a DNA profile.  Keith Lyon, a 12 year old pupil at Brighton & Hove Grammar School was walking on South Downs near Brighton in May of 1967.

    Later, his body was discovered in bushes by a bridle path in between Ovingdean and Woodingdean.  He had been stabbed 11 times.  A knife was found near the crime scene, yet incredibly, the Police lost it, and it remained missing for twenty five years until it was found in a sealed room at John Street Police Station in Brighton.  The crime scene exhibits are to be re-examined for any traces of DNA.  In 2006, two men were arrested and questioned over the killing but were later released without charge.  In all, three men have been questioned, but all released without charge.  Police did embark on a massive fingerprinting of youths around the Brighton area, and more than 5,000 were checked out.

    The Police theorised that young Keith was attacked by as many as three assailants trying to rob him, but believe the wounds were inflicted by one or two of the assailants, and they then panicked and quickly got on a passing bus.  Attempts to trace boys on that particular bus was not successful.  Forty six years on, one, two or three callous killers are still walking free.  Let us hope that is rectified.