Saturday, 24 August 2013

Drugs - The Innocent Suffer

I would like to highlight two cases that showed that the world of drugs is nothing at all like the old hippie scene in the 60`s and early 70`s.  Professional criminals swiftly moved in and used extreme violence to make the hippies back out.  These people do not take prisoners.  Literally!   The first case is about two brothers dealing weed, and they decided to cross up the supplier.  These were not big league players, just low level suppliers, and as it was only weed they conned him out of, so it was no big deal.  The suppliers thought otherwise.  They stormed into their home, and kidnapped their 16 year old sister.  She was not involved in crime in any way. She was held prisoner in various houses, motel rooms, and repeatedly raped by the four assailants.   The FBI did not get her home alive.  They took her into a forest, smashed her over the head with a shovel and then buried her in an already dug grave.  She was found with soil in her lungs and throat.  She was buried alive.

    Thanks to the expertise of the FBI Evidence Recovery Team, they followed the trail and arrested all four kidnappers and killers.  Some of them received the death penalty.  The investigators initially did not get the start they needed because the brothers refused to acknowledge who the gang were.  Eventually, they did.  But it came too late for their young sister.

    The second was the kidnapping of the son of an honest hard working man.  Why was the son kidnapped?  Simply because his fathers` brother was a major drug pusher in Harlem and it was thought that he would soon hand over mega-bucks to get his nephew back alive.  To make their point, they chopped off one of his fingers and mailed it to his family.  The father said that he did not have big money. "But your brother certainly does!"  Soon, the body of the boy was discovered.  Again, another young life snuffed out.  All because of drugs.  Of course drugs is a glamorous game.  Of course most criminals do not hurt women and children. Ha!  Believe that and you believe in Santa!