Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The Lexington Spree Killers

It can be hard to imagine just how truly psychotic and twisted women can become just for kicks.  This happened in the most horrific way for five people in Lexington, Kentucky, in 1986.  The murderous rampage of Lafonda Fay Foster & Tina Marie Hickey Powell garnered national headlines, and prosecutors pressed for the death penalty for both of them.  Tina Powell blamed the murders on being drunk and out of it on drugs.  Nothing unusual there.  She also claimed she did the murders out of fear of Foster.  

    Powell was in her late 20`s and had four children, when she and Foster became lovers. They went to the home of partially disabled former serviceman Carlos Kearns, to try and get some money from him.  Also there was his wife Virginia, and their housekeeper Trudy Harrell.  Some time after,Theodore Sweet & Roger Keene arrived.  But Virginia was perturbed by the presence of the girls.  She left to phone Police, who asked them to leave.  But they only went as far as the parking lot, where there others that Foster knew.  They sat with them drinking whiskey.  Foster had acquired a gun that belonged to Carlos.  

   The five people were ordered into a car at gunpoint by Foster.  Powell later told a parole board that the five "Went willingly with two girls with a little gun".  First stop was a bait shop where Carlos cashed a $25 check.  Then Foster went into a liquor store and purchased bullets, claiming that she wanted to kill rats.  That meant that Powell must have held them at gunpoint.  Then they went to a fast food store but then drove off before buying anything.  Then the horror began.  The five were forced to lie face down, where upon Powell started stabbing them repeatedly in the back.  Then Foster started shooting them.  One of the women was still alive and so her throat was cut.  The car was driven over one of the men, one was dragged into the back of the car, whilst the remaining man was sat slumped against it.  Then they poured fuel over the car and set it alight, burning the man alive inside and the victim slumped against it.   It did not take the Police long to arrest them.

    On trial, the excuses began. "We drunk and drugged up" "I was in fear of Foster" "I had a bad childhood" etc, etc.  Powell dropped out of school at around the age of 12, had a low IQ, but that does not excuse what they did.  Powell received life without parole for 25 years.  Foster received the death penalty, later commuted to life without parole.  Powell claimed that the victims got out of the car, lay down and then they attacked them.  Conveniently forgetting the gun pointed at them.  One woman on a forum said that she was in jail whilst they awaited trial, and they thought that their crimes were no big deal!  Foster is incarcerated at the Western Kentucky Correctional Complex & Powell is in the Kentucky Correctional Institution for Women in Peewee Valley.  When people commit a slaughter like this, they should be locked up and the key thrown away.