Sunday, 4 August 2013

Alvin Howard Neelley & Judith Ann Neelley

Dr Michael Stone, a Forensic Psychiatrist devised a scale from one to twenty two, with the higher the score, the more evil the killer is.  Judith Ann Neelley scored 22!  To some, it would be inconceivable that a woman could be so twisted.  Neelley IS that twisted.  She was responsible, along with husband Alvin, guilty of two rape/torture murders and one attempted murder.  It was the prolonged torture and rape sessions on their victims that is beyond belief.

    Alvin Neeley was born in Georgia in 1953, Judith Ann Adams was born in June 1964 in Murfreesboro in Tennessee.  Her alcoholic father died in a motorcycle accident around 73/74.  She met up with Neelley, who was married at the time, and she was around 15.  Neelley divorced his wife before setting off with Adams, on to a life of crime and murder.  She fell quickly pregnant, but carried out armed robberies with Neelley, but she was arrested and incarcerated at the Rome, Georgia Youth Development Center.  In here she gave birth to twins, and when released married Neelley.  The home of YDC worker Ken Dooley was shot up one night, the next night, the home of YDC worker Linda Adair was firebombed.  Calls were made by a woman claiming she had been subjected to sexual abuse at the Center.

   Things turned extremely ugly when 13 year old Lisa Ann Millican was abducted by the pair from the Riverbend Mall in Georgia on 25th September 1982 and taken out of state into Alabama.  They took her to a motel in Scottsboro where they repeatedly raped her over a couple of days. Judith Neelley wanted to see how long she would take to die if injected with poison.  She injected her with Drano and waited.  But it took a little too long for her, so they drove their young victim to Fort Payne and to a spot called Little River Canyon where Neelley carried on her twisted violence by brutally shooting Lisa Millican through the head.  She even phoned the Police telling where they could find the body.

    John Hancock & Janice Chatman, a young engaged couple from Rome, Georgia, were abducted on 4th October `82.  John Hancock was shot and left for dead, whilst Janice was taken to the motel.  There she was repeatedly raped and tortured by the sick duo, then killed.  Their downfall was unravelling as John Hancock was still alive and was able to give Police much information.  A manhunt ensued, resulting in their arrest.  Judith Neelley on 9th October, Alvin, days later.  To avoid the certain Death Penalty, Alvin cut a plea deal to murder & aggravated assault on Janice & John.  He was not charged with the murder of Lisa Millican.  He was lifed off.  But Janice was tried at Fort Payne on 7th March `83 for the murder of Lisa Ann Millican, convicted and sentenced to death, despite a jury recommendation for mercy.  In jail she had given birth to a third child.  She pled guilty to the murder of Janice Chatman in another trial.  Alvin Neelley was sent to Bostick State Prison whilst Judith was sent to Death Row at the Julia Tutwiler Prison for Women.  

    Judith Neelley petitioned for a new trial but this was rejected in March `87.  In 1989, the Death Sentence was affirmed on her.  On January 15th 1999, only days away from execution, her sentence was commuted to life imprisonment, which gave her the chance of parole in 2014, but the State legislature passed a new law that has prevented her from being released.  Who in their right mind would contemplate releasing such a sick, twisted bitch like her?