Saturday, 10 August 2013

The Disappearance of April Fabb

The mysterious disappearance of 13 year old April Fabb in Norfolk, two weeks before her fourteenth birthday, remains unsolved to this day.  Serial child killer Robert Black is suspected of being the abductor as her abduction bears the hallmarks of Black.  April was born on 22nd April 1955 in Metton, in Norfolk.  Her father was Ernest Fabb, her mum Olive, she had two older sisters.  One she was off to visit on that fateful day.  The sister lived in nearby Roughton.

    On April 4th 1969, April set off on her bicycle, carrying a packet of cigarettes for her brother-in-law, 51/2 pence and a handkerchief in her saddlebag at around 1.40pm.  She was wearing a wine coloured woolen skirt, a green jumper, white socks and sandals.  On her journey, she stopped at a place known as "Donkeys` Farm", near the Harrison Farm where he met two friends, telling them she was off to visit her sister.  A worker at Harrisons` Farm, witnessed April cycling along Roughton Road towards the village.  She shortly vanished.  Some Ordinance Survey workers spotted  bike lying in a field by the Metton to Roughton Road at 2.15pm.  It was at 3pm that a local man come across the bike and so took it to the local Police House at Roughton.  The bike was only a couple of hundred yards from where April was last seen.  By early evening, her parents realised something was wrong and called in the Police.

    An area of two to three miles was extensively searched but no trace of her was found.  Police took nearly two thousand statements, and over four hundred questionnaires filled in by the public. Some suspects were eventually eliminated, and the case has been cold ever since.  One viable suspect has emerged and that is child killer Robert Black. The disappearance fits the MO of Black.  Black had been a delivery man travelling around the country, so he built up a good knowledge of the country.  He obtained a driving licence in 1976, but that does not mean that he was not driving around for some years.  He could very well of worked cash in hand for any number of courier firms.  Police cannot place Black in Norfolk at the time, but only when they can prove that he was NOT in the area at the time, can he truly be eliminated.  Black denies any involvement.  Aprils` family have suffered for 44 years.  If he is involved, Black should come clean and tell all, and ease the torment of the Fabb family.