Saturday, 24 August 2013

The American Underworld TV Series

This new documentary series has started on the Discovery Channel and the opening episode dealt with home made drugs.  Pushers and distributors were shown making up crack cocaine, steroids and such, though not some of the concoctions that have been made in clandestine labs in the USA.  The reporter spoke to meth users in jail.  They showed just how tweaking can keep your teeth and mouth in such tip-top shape!  Of course I am joking.  Their teeth had virtually rotted away and no sane woman would let a mouth like theirs near them.  No doubt the pushers kept telling them that meth does not have the effects on you that doctors keep warning us about.  Naturally, a pusher only craves YOUR money so he will not lie to you once!

    We also saw the pusher who manufactures his own brand of steroids.  What was remarkable were the claims he made.  He claimed that he has never seen "Roid Rage" and basically said that it was a myth.  Of course all doctors and medical experts are compulsive liars, whilst the pusher is only in danger of losing the money he craves.  And he said that steroids make sports far more interesting.  "Without steroids sport would be boring!"  Despite steroids being completely safe, this pusher would have had absolutely no hesitation in killing anybody who got in his way.  

    The cocaine kingpin of Los Angeles was interviewed though not identified and said that he and four other men supplied all the cocaine for all of the LA area.  He keeps one major step away from the drugs so he cannot be connected to it, like all major drug barons.  This man was extremely ruthless, issuing orders to his minions, and watching the millions roll in.  What we did not see was any claims that the Mafia still controls the streets.  Their grip went decades ago.  The big street gangs now run the streets and parts of cities.  They do not however, have the skill at bribing cops, judges, public officials, the corruption that traditional organised crime had been doing most of the 20th century.  This series is covering different aspects of the Underworld, and showing that the Underworld is vast and varied.  It is not all about smart suits, jewellry, and the need for attention to let everybody know who and what they are.  No wonder so many get caught.  The programme also shows that it is NOT glamorous at all, and the film and TV versions just like to show the perceived version.